Monday, January 10, 2011

Why Me???

This title sounds a bit like a whiny post and that is because it is. My daughter came home with head lice for the third time and oddly enough, she was playing with the same kids every time. If you have ever experienced this, you know I have a right to whine about it and if you haven’t experienced it, let me tell you that it is anything but fun. You have to vacuum everything…mattresses, carpets, couches, chairs. As if normal, everyday laundry with three kids is not enough, when head lice moves in, every single article of clothing that is may have come in contact with your child has to be washed…all of the bedding, towels, etc…EVERYTHING! All stuffed animals and fabrics that cannot be washed (dress-up clothes) have to be placed in an airtight bag for three weeks. Then the worst is that it breaks your heart knowing that you are intentionally pouring pesticides over your child’s head. The smell alone is enough to gag you. As I rinsed the crap from my child’s head, I secretly cursed the parents of the kids who gave it to her. Hw could they leave it go untreated? It is not fair to their children or the people around them. I would not want to see my child constantly scratching. I decided to take matters into my own hands…Courtney is no longer allowed to go to their house, nor are they allowed in ours until I know they have been treated and are lice free. I think hey probably use the lice shampoo on their kids, but getting rid of lice is so much more than just shampooing…it is the thorough cleaning and the careful combing for the next ten days. The second thing we have done to get id of it once and for all is give her a haircut. Yes, it was drastic, but hopefully it is the last we will see of lice in this house….EVER!



Good thing she has a really pretty head!


ALessner said...

First im so sorry that your little girl has gone thru this. My kids have to and it was a pain. But the shampoos dont work. The school nurse told me to go home and dump cooking oil on her hair,rinse, shampoo with normal shampoo, wrap in plastic wrap and blow dry not to close u dont want to melt the plastic. After that her hair will be super greasy and combing them out will be really easy. of course u will have to shampoo her hair 5-6 times. but no pesticides and it works better.

Twyla Norris said...

I have also recently been told that lice hate tea tree oil. I have ordered some tea tree oil shampoo and that is what I will use.

ALessner said...

I will have to remember that if we ever have that problem again.

{cupcake} Delight said...

This is awful Twyla! I am so happy to say that until now, I have never had to deal with lice ... and yes, EVERYTHING on my is crossed as I type that! I feel the same as you about that awful chemical shampoo.

If you are looking for tea tree things - the Body Shop has a whole skin care line in tea tree and they use only the very best and safest ingredients. Their face wash would work wonderfully as a shampoo. Its possible that they even have a shampoo with tea tree in it ... and what's best is you can order online for only $5 shipping!

Hoping this is your LAST time ever dealing with lice, but if I ever have to, I'll be sure to ask your advice!

- Cary

Alek hope said...

Hello I had to do the same thing with my two daughter. Yes we shaved there head Bald:(. Do you have video of you shaving your daughter head so I can show my daughter they are not alone??? Who old is your daughter?? My daughters are 5 and 6 years old. Do you have Facebook??

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